Members of the project team, Michael Henderson, David Boud and Elizabeth Molloy, along with Rola Ajjawi from Deakin University, have co-edited a new book titled The Impact of Feedback in Higher Education.

The book, published by Palgrave Macmillan, draws together leading international researchers across diverse disciplines, offering promising directions for both research and practice. It asks how we might conceptualise, design for and evaluate the impact of feedback in higher education. Ultimately, the purpose of feedback is to improve what students can do: therefore, effective feedback must have impact. Students need to be actively engaged in seeking, sense-making and acting upon any information provided to them in order to develop and improve. Feedback can thus be understood as not just the giving of information, but as a complex process integral to teaching and learning in which both teachers and students have an important role to play. The editors challenge us to ask two fundamental questions: when does feedback make a difference, and how can we recognise that impact?